Grenaboard – Non-combustible light board for protection of ceiling structures

A great alternative to plasterboard with a fire resistance of up to 180 minutes

Grenaboard is suitable for suspended ceiling under different load-bearing structures

GRM Australia Grenaboard

Properties of Grenaboard

Grenaboard is a very light and strong non-combustible board produced from vermiculite and inorganic binder. This board is surfaced on both sides with paper and all four edges pressed for easy connection.

Grenaboard is certified in fire membrane function for various types of ceiling structures, either hanging the ceiling structure, or derectly on a wood beam ceiling.

Only one worker is required to install. Installation is the same for all types of ceiling structures and fire resistance.

Higher base price of the board is compensated by lower price for mounting profiles and elements and significantly less laborious assembly.

Reaction to fire according to ČSN EN 13501-1: A1 – non-combustible

Basic conditions of use

When using Grenaboard boards for suspended ceilings on various load-bearing structures (steel, wood, concrete) the following conditions of use must be observed:

  • Mineral wool with density 40 kg/m3, thickness 40 mm on suspended ceiling from Grenaboard
  • Height of cavity between lower face of floor slab and upper face of membrane shall be at least 264 mm
  • Roof slab slope shall be in the range of 0 – 25°

  • No combustible material in the cavity

  • A light or revision hole with a dimension of 600×600 mm may be installed in the ceiling

  • The material of the floor above the steel beams is not limited. It is possible to use different materials.

  • Steel designed temperature calculated for 500 °C. Please contact Grena a.s. representive for other conditions.

  • It is possible to use alternative CD quick hangers, flat or four-point

  • Assembling of fire-resistant constructions approved after technical consultation

GRM Australia Grenaboard
Grenamat Machining and processing

Machining and processing Grenaboard

Grenaboard vermiculite boards are easily machined with conventional woodworking tools. When working with them, there is minimal dust.

Advantages of Grenaboard

  • Non-combustible
  • Easy joint sealing

  • Easy handling and assembly

  • One mounting for different types of constructions

  • Simple machining with conventional woodworking tool

  • Fast and easy connection with glue, screws or clips

  • Made of 100% natural materials (Vermiculite)

Grenamat Advantages
  • For protection of ceiling structures with fire resistance of 30 to 180 minutes
  • Suspended ceilings on steel ceiling beams

  • Suspended ceilings on steel-concrete ceiling

  • Suspended ceilings on iron-concrete ceiling

  • Suspended ceilings on wooden beams

  • Suspended ceilings on wooden ceiling structures REI 60 

Technical data
Basic size [mm]1220 x 2400
Density [kg/m3]480
Thickness [mm]16

Tolerances of boards

– density ± 10%

– thickness ± 3 mm

– length and width ± 3 mm

Grenaboard in accordance with ČSN EN 13501:1, reaction to fire, class A1 – non-combustible

Basic sizes: 1220 x 2440 mm

Weight of board (kg)No of boards (pcs)Total weight of full palet (kg)No of pallets on truck (pcs)Total weight on truck (kg)Sizes of full pallet
length-height  (mm)
1648022,5601 4201622 720121024101100