Grenamat A – Worldwide certified non-combustible board for wide use on all types of vessels

Grenamat A is used to protect ship structures from fire, to build bulkheads, walls, ceilings, interior elements and furniture.

Grenamat A has great mechanical, acoustic and thermal properties

Grenamat A

Properties of Grenamat A

The non-combustible GRENAMAT A board is made of only natural materials – exfoliated vermiculite and special inorganic binder. It is harmless to health, does not contain asbestos or any other substance listed in the List of Hazardous Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) published by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

The boards do not contain any reinforcement fibers because they are sufficiently strong due to compression of the material under high pressure. They are made of 100% ecological material and their residues can be disposed of as conventional building waste.

Grenamat A has been awarded the Marine Equipment Directive (MED) – B-0 and B-15 for the use of the shipboard industry all over the world in the category of partitions and ceilings. Grenamat A is supplied and installed on all types of ships – yachts, cruise ships, ferry boats, residential and work boats.

Reaction to fire according to ČSN EN 13501-1 is class A1 – non-combustible.

Surface finish

Thanks to different endings, the Grenamat A fire-protection boards meets the demands of the most exacting designers and architects. In addition to the raw boards, we offer HPL finishes, which are also certified. Other surfaces are possible based on individual demand.

Grenamat A
Grenamat Machining and processing

Machining and processing

Grenamat A vermiculite boards are simply machineable by common woodworking tools. There is no dust during processing.

Advantages of Grenamat A

  • Time-tested suitability for use in the shippbuilding industry
  • Absolutely harmless to health – without asbestos and other dangerous substances
  • Simple and cost-effective solution
  • Minimum space requirements

  • Simple machinable by common woodworking tools

  • Easy and fast bonding with glue, screws, buckles or profiles

  • Made of 100% natural and ecological materials

  • Non-combustible

  • High stability and durability

  • Production of Grena company is under supervisioon of independent authorities and meets all requirements for use in the shipbuilding industry 

Grenamat Advantages
  • For marine fire protection

  • For the construction of bulkheads, walls, ceilings, interior elements and furniture

Technical data 
Basic size [mm]1220 x 2440, extension of boards up to 3050 mm after agreement 
Density[kg/m3]480 - 800
Thickness [mm]01/08/40
Thickness (mm)Density (kg/m3) Weight of board (kg)No of boards on pallet (pcs)total weight of full pallet (kg)No of pallets on truck (pcs)total weight on truck (kg)Sizes of full pallet
width-length-height (mm)
1080023,8882 1941124 138123024501030
1275026,8772 1641123 800123024501074
1652024,8611 6131524 192123024501126
1675035,7612 2781022 777 12302450 1126 
1952029,4521 6291524 432123024501138
1975042,4472 3051023 048123024501043