Grenamat AL – Non-combustible vermiculite board that resists high temperatures up to 1200 ° C

Grenamat AL is suitable for fire protection of building structures. Excellent are also its acoustic properties, which improve the listening conditions of interiors.

Grenamat AL is available in various surface finishes.

GRM Australia Grenamat AL

Properties of Grenamat AL boards

Grenamat AL is a non-combustible board made of expanded vermiculite and inorganic binder. It does not contain any mineral or glass fibers, asbestos or any other substance on the SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern) list published by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). It is therefore absolutely health and ecologically harmless.

They contain no reinforcement fibers. Compressing the material under high pressure produces a sufficiently strong plate. Residual board parts can be disposed of as normal construction waste. Grenama AL boards also have very good sound and thermal insulation properties.

Reaction to fire according to EN 13501-1: A1 (with tested surface finish A2 – s1, d0)

Interior tiles

Due to their non-combustibility, the boards are suitable for covering escape routes and assembly areas. They are mounted on a conventional wooden or SDK construction, or other variants.

The boards are available in various surface finishes and decors (veneer, CPL or HPL foil).

GRM Australia Grenamat AL

Acoustic panels

We supply acoustic tiles for various solutions of concert halls, recording studios, theaters, cinemas, etc. These acoustic tiles effectively absorb, reflect or disperse sound, thus achieving the required acoustic quality of the spaces. In particular, they reduce reverberation times and generally improve the listening conditions of the rooms.

Tiles are combined from individual acoustic elements and materials, which in the designed assemblies create their own interior lining of the room. The core consists of a non-combustible vermiculite board, and therefore these tiles are suitable for areas with a large concentration of people, where the emphasis is on fire safety.

The color scheme, the type of perforation and the type of tile material can be selected from a wide range of surfaces (CPL, HPL, veneer, foil, …).

Types of acoustic panels and other information.

Acoustic panels with microperforation

These panels achieve very good acoustic properties and their main advantage is the aesthetic function, while preserving the optics of a solid tiling.

Although they have a compact panel optics, they meet all the characteristics of non-combustible acoustic panels.

GRM Australia Grenamat AL
GRM Australia Grenamat AL

Smoke control duct section

Grena a.s. designed and tested smoke and heat exhaust pipes from Grenamat AL boards, which are an ideal solution for assembly of these pipes because of their strength, flame resistance and easy machining.

We design these devices with fire resistance up to 120 minutes for individual smoke sections that are in the fire compartment. In case of fire, they ensure proper ventilation (heat and smoke removal), minimizing the risk to persons and property due to fire.

More information

Fire protection of carbon fiber CFRP lamellas

It is a thermal insulation of carbon-fiber CFRP lamellas or sheets, so-called “wrapping” with non-combustible Grenamat AL boards with fire resistance up to 120 minutes.

The thermal protection of Grenamat AL boards is designed so that the resin that glues the slat to the concrete substrate is not heated for the required time.

GRM Australia Grenamat AL
GRM Australia Grenamat AL

Other applications

  • Installation piping
  • Increasing the fire resistance of metal piping

  • Vertical installation piping valve

  • Increasing the fire resistence of walls and ceilings

  • Safe and safe lockers filling

  • Steel and glass non-combustible valves filling

  • Furniture manufacturing

Machining and processing Grenamat AL

Grenamat AL vermiculite boards are easily machined with conventional woodworking tools. When working with them, there is minimal dust.

Grenamat Machining and processing
Grenamat Advantages

Advantages of Grenamat AL boards

  • Harmless – free from asbestos and other hazardous substances
  • Simple and economical solution

  • Minimum space requirement

  • Simple machining with conventional woodworking tools

  • Fast and easy connection with glue, screws, clips or profiles.

  • Made from 100% natural and ecological materials

  • Non-combustible

  • High durability and stability

  • Good acoustic properties

  • Tested and certified

  • Acoustic panels
  • Interior cladding of escape routes and assembly areas

  • Smoke control duct section

  • Vertical and horizontal smokoe and heat extraction piping

  • Increased fire resistance of sheet metal pipes

  • Vertical installation piping valve

  • Increasing the fire resistence of walls and ceilings

  • Safe and safe lockers filling

  • Steel and glass non-combustible valves filling

  • Furniture manufacturing 

Technical data
Basic sizes [mm]1220 x 2440, extension of boards up to 3050 mm after agreement
Density [kg/m3]480 - 800
Thickness [mm]01/08/55

Certified thicknesses of Grenamat AL boards are listed in the table according to the required fire resistance.

Fire resistance      Thickness of the board           
EI 3025 mm
EI 4530 mm
EI 6040 mm 
EI 9048 mm
EI 120 55 mm 

Tolerances of boards: 

 – density ± 10% 

– thickness after sanding ± 0,3 mm 

– length and width ± 5 mm 

 Grenamat AL in accordance with ČSN EN 13501:1, reaction to fire, class A1 – non-combustible

Weight of board (kg)No of boards (pcs)Total weight of full palet (kg)No of pallets on truck (pcs)Total weight on truck (kg)Sizes of full pallet
width - length - height (mm)
1080023,8882 1941124 138123024501030
1275026,8772 1641123 800123024501074
1652024,8611 6131524 192123024501126
1675035,7612 2781022 777123024501126
1952029,4521 6291524 432123024501138
1975042,4522 3051023 048123024501138
2552038,7381 5711523 559123024501100
2565048,4381 9391223 270123024501100
27 *55044,2371 7351424 296123024501030
  40 *55065,5241 6721423 408123024501030
  55 *650106,4202 2281022 280123024501085